ICN ISSUE 2024-02-01

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ICN ISSUE 2024-02-01

ICN ISSUE 2024-02-01

This season, we invite you to meet the changemakers of our future: the creatives who are driving their industries forward in architecture, design and art, as well as in fashion, curation and beyond. From Sabine Marcelis bringing fresh perspectives to the VitraHaus Loft to Kadre Architects using design as a street-level tool for social change to David Rockwell drawing on theatre to bring people together through buildings, these are the creatives providing an endless source of inspiration and optimism by helping build a more positive, equitable and sustainable future. Bold and curious, what unites these trailblazers are shared values and guiding principles: a willingness to forego conventional wisdom, a sense of open-mindedness, and cultural curiosity. Many embrace a beginner’s mindset, which nurtures a respect for diverse viewpoints and encourages cross-disciplinary learning. Together, they understand how creativity is about connection.